Leading Self: The Importance of Awareness

Ever had a bad leader before? If so, you probably experienced a very frustrating time filled with low motivation, low trust and disjointed communication amongst other negative emotions. Perhaps you ended up leaving that team or even the company. You said to yourself, when I lead, that won’t be me. Did that leader know the effect s/he had on you? Maybe so. Odds are that the answer is no. Why not?

As a leader the first thing to learn is that one must lead oneself and this process is often skipped over. If that leadership is not properly in place, than the concept of leading a direct report or team will not carry over. When learning self-leadership, from my perspective, the most important thing to learn is awareness. Awareness of oneself and others. What does that look like?

How many shows do you DVR? That technology is amazing as it allows you to rewind what you missed when you went to get something from the kitchen and it even allows you to put the show on pause. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do that with yourself? Replay how you showed up and then learn from that? Or, to be able to put yourself on pause when you realize from awareness that things are not going the way you hoped they would. Well, we can pause ourselves but can only rewind from our perception, not the other person’s perception. So how do we become aware of how we show up?

It is always helpful to have a trusted advisor that can give you truthful feedback. However it is not always possible for that person to observe you at all times. How can you start to DVR yourself and create that awareness to become a better leader? Click here to get my free Awareness Checklist to jumpstart your leadership effectiveness.

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